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Tierra Chiloe – 3 Days – Island of Chiloe

Take a step back to simpler times at Tierra Chiloé, a boutique spa hotel where intrepid adventures are coupled with comfort, sea views and the promise of authentic experiences. Our passion for the island is rooted in the foundations of our Chiloé adventure lodge, with eco-friendly architecture that makes the most of the island’s changeable climate for heating and ventilation. Made of locally sourced wood and clad in shingles, the exteriors mimic the traditional homes of local fishing communities.  Inside, panoramic windows in the restaurant and living areas allow for uninterrupted Pacific Ocean views, which change constantly as the clouds and light play across the water.

Quintessential island life and sophisticated modern comfort meet hand-in-hand at Tierra Chiloé. Every piece of furniture and decor has a story, as Chilean designers have collaborated with local craftspeople to curate a space which is relaxed and welcoming. Our team of friendly staff and guides are on hand to help you discover the genuine warmth of the islanders, through our excursions that provide insights into the local traditions and myths. During your trip to Chile, a visit to Tierra Chiloé Adventure and Spa Hotel will restore your soul through an appreciation of the simple things in life that mean so much.

PROGRAMS INCLUDE  Transfers from and to Chiloé Airport (Castro), Mocopulli;  Regular transfers to and from Puerto Montt on request.  Buffet breakfast, lunch and dinner.  Open Bar (includes mineral water, sodas, juices, house wine and liquors).  Premium wines and vintage liquors available for an additional cost.  Two half day excursions or one full day excursion daily in small groups with other guests.  Use of pools, sauna and Jacuzzi (massages, treatments and therapies are payable in hotel).


Suggested tours:




This tour is ideal for exploring the area around the hotel, our greenhouse and sustainable kitchen garden that includes a plant nursery, stables and a compost area. Here we can also see the Pullao Wetlands, part of the Western Hemisphere Shorebird Reserve Network (WHSRN). Depending on the time of year, we might spot scientifically-important migratory birds such as godwits, Chilean flamingos, cormorants, ducks and gulls. There are also salmon farms, mussel farms and seaweed collectors.

Half Day, 2.5 hrs. Difficulty level: Easy




Discover the beauty of Rilan Peninsula with its cultural wealth and rural life in this excursion which takes us past the patrimonial church of Santa Maria de Rilan, built in the neo-gothic style with a shingled exterior typical of the area. Following a visit to the village of Rilan, with its beaches north and south, we return to the hotel via a scenic route overlooking the Castro Fjord.

Half Day, 2.5 hrs. Difficulty level: Easy




This tour follows the tides to show you the traditional palafitos (stilt houses) of the island’s capital. We visit the picturesque Yumbel Market selling typical regional products such as Chiloé potatoes, giant garlic, baskets, weavings and a wide variety of seafood. We see the inspiration for Chiloe’s classic postcard: the colorful stilt homes and charming downtown with small craft shops and wood-shingled stores. We continue on our way to the Catholic Church of San Francisco which is the capital’s main one, declared a National Monument and UNESCO World Heritage Site. We also visit the shipyard, birthplace of our boat “Williche,” and see local boats being built. Finally, we visit Nercon church, which nicely represents the Chiloé Wooden Architecture School.

Half Day, 2.5 hrs. Difficulty level: Easy




Full day 6 – 8 hours Difficulty level High We travel to Chonchi, a traditional fishing town, situated upon three natural terraces that conserve its identity and tradition. We visit the historic church whose vaulted roof is painted blue, sprinkled with white stars. We head towards the coast road, walking down the town’s most typical street, declared a National Monument for its traditional large wooden houses, which reflect the wealth generated by an increase in cypress exploitation. We visit the local “Chonchina Traditions Museum,” founded by the villagers to preserve their own history and show how the first inhabitants lived. We visit the charming Chilote accordion museum, born of folklorist and local music legend Sergio Colivoro’s passion for the instrument. Continuing towards the coast road, we pass by the local craft market where you can also buy traditional Chonchina doughnuts and typical Chiloé “golden liquor.” We cross Lemuy Island to visit three churches that are World Heritage sites: Ichuac, Detif and Aldachildo. We enjoy various panoramic views before arriving at the Pindal Reserve, a native forest with coigües, arrayanes and cinnamon trees. The song of the chucao bird transports us to the deepest depths of Chiloe’s wilderness.

Full day 6 – 8 hours Difficulty level High




Full Day, 6-8 hours. Difficulty Level: High We drive to Chepu, a small town along the island’s biggest river, to begin our trip toward Ahuenco Park. To get there, we cross the Chepu River by motorboat, where we visit the sunken forest. We then dock and begin a hike through native forests with viewpoints out towards the Pacific Ocean. From October to April, we will be able to see the island’s two major penguin species: Magellanic and Humboldt, who arrive to reproduce and raise their young. We return by the same path to cross back over the river, to return to the hotel.

Full Day, 6-8 hours. Difficulty Level: High



This excursion is one of our best. It allows for full immersion in Chiloé culture and nature as we sail through the waterways between the islands of the archipelago. We start at the hotel and travel by car to the magical town of Tenaun, land of witches and legends, to see the only heritage church on the island. Then we board our private boat, the “Williche,” and head towards Mechuque Island to view its original palafitos (stilt houses), the school which is a National Monument and a private collection of antiques typical of the area. We visit the Don Checo Museum, where we experience life firsthand on Chiloé and the strong relationship between Chilote and their surroundings. Possible activities include kayaking in the channels enjoying the tranquility of the water; a Zodiac ride through the waterways whilst looking out for birds; and hiking up to Mechuque lookout with its privileged view of the Andes.

Full Day, 6 – 8 hours Difficulty Level: Easy




Board the boat the “Williche” and sail southwest, moving away from the Rilán Peninsula to the island of Chelín. Here, we stroll through rustic streets past traditional homes until we reach the World Heritage Site church and witness the work of artisans and architects who seek to preserve local history through its neoclassical style and imitation marble. Next, we discover the Chilote cemetery that still has niches imitating the traditional wood-shingled homes of the village – a miniature ghost town, lost in time. After visiting a lookout with a view of neighboring islands, we walk through a small wood and take the boat over to the island of Quehui. This area’s unique geography allows us to sail to the heart of the island by way of the Pindo Estuary’s calm waters. Here, we can try our hand at kayaking, sail the shoreline in our Zodiac or bicycle on nearby trails to cliffs with gorgeous views. We can also walk in the picturesque streets of Quehui, which receives many visitors for the annual “Ocean Festival.” This traditional gathering keeps alive the cuisine, folklore and customs of the archipelago. On board, we lunch and head back to the hotel.

Half Day, 2.5 hrs. Difficulty Level: Easy


You can enjoy a variety of horseback rides perfect for close-up exploration of the island and hotel surroundings, in the company of the hotel’s horseman. Our smaller Chilote horses are the perfect ride for the island’s geography.



After a brief explanation of safety rules and how to ride a horse, we head out from the stables toward the heart of the village of San Jose. This tour allows for connection with the surroundings through its wonderful places, diverse wild plants and flowers and unique views of the Andes Mountains, making it not-to-be missed.

Half Day, 2.5 hrs. Difficulty Level: Easy




Leaving the stables accompanied by our horseman and guide, who know the best parts of the island. We begin our horseback ride on the beach heading towards the village of San Jose, depending on the tides. If we are lucky, we may see dolphins. We pass through fields and farmland and enjoy the countryside characteristic of the area which enables us to get better acquainted with local life.

Difficulty Level: Medium




Moving west from the stables, we pass by fields, towns and churches until we reach our destination: Quento Beach. There we have a panoramic view toward Castro, the capital of Chiloé. Depending on the tides, we start our horseback ride along the beach. According to the time of year, it is possible to see and taste the island’s wild fruit. We lunch in the area.

Difficulty Level: High




There are many different trails with levels varying from medium-easy to difficult. We can make recommendations regarding the desired level before you set out so that you have the best experience and get to know the most attractive areas near the hotel. The rides begin from the hotel toward the village of San Jose where you can see local life close up, riding through woods and open fields, and past the church and cemetery. The entire path is unpaved with privileged view of the coastal mountains.


Sport Fishing Additional cost. Request at the time of booking. Length: Half or full day. Fishing in Chiloé is an unforgettable experience. The excursions take place in the most beautiful part of the archipelago and are designed for expert fishermen, amateurs and all who are interested in trying their hand at fishing. The excursions take you to beaches, rivers and lakes in the southern part of Chiloé National Park (Huillinco-Cucao), where local guides who know the area accompany you. In these surroundings of unparalleled beauty, you can enjoy lake and river-fishing of fario and brown trout (dominant species), rainbow trout and even salt water fish such as red snapper and silver smelt. On the Pacific beaches, we can take pleasure in fishing sea bass, red snapper and even flounder. Salmon fishing is only allowed in Chiloé between the months of November and May. There are no limits for fishing in the sea.

Note: Activities are divided into three different levels: Easy: Apt for all ages and capabilities. Medium: Requires a reasonable level of physical condition and some experience. High: Requires excellent physical condition, experience and ability.

Every day you can choose 2 half day excursions or one full day activity

Half Day: takes place in the morning or afternoon, with lunch in the hotel. Full Day: Starts in the morning and includes a box lunch. Return to the hotel is in the afternoon, generally speaking after 18.00 hrs. If you would like to arrange a massage or therapy and enjoy some time in Uma Wellness, we recommend you check the return time of the excursions with the guides, and pre-book treatment times