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Prehistorical Brazil – 6 Days – Serra Da Capivara, Petrolina

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Day 1 – Teresina / Serra da Capivara (D)

Arrival in Teresina, capital of Piaui state, and transfer by car to the Serra da Capivara National Park in the state of Piauí, duration of transfer is approximatelly 7 hours. Arrival in São Raimundo Nonato a small town located at the entrance of the Park and accommodation at the hotel and dinner.


Day 2 – Serra da Capivara (B,L,D)

Breakfast. Departure to Serra da Capivara National Park. The first stop will be at a belvedere, which offers a panoramic view of the Serra da Capivara. Following this we will visit the Capivara Gorge with its numerous archaeological sites rich in rock art. Lunch picnic style – will be served at the Park (as an alternative we will have lunch in a very simple restaurant but with excellent home cooking). After lunch we will take a hike through the Boqueirão do Paraguaio, visiting some of the rocky shelters that house impressive prehistoric paintings. Return to the Hotel for dinner and overnight.


Day 3 – Serra da Capivara (B,L, D)

Breakfast. Departure to the National Park where we will hike and visit the Calderão do Rodrigues e das Canoas. The trail wanders through valleys and crests of impressive gorges where beautiful scenery unveils itself. Around 1:00pm return to the hotel for lunch. At 4:00pm we will leave for Baixão das Andorinhas, to observe the daily ritual return of the swallows to their night shelter which is done through a series of acrobatic flights accompanied with characteristic sounds. Around 7:00pm return to the Pousada for dinner and overnight.


Day 4 – Serra da Capivara (B, L, D)

Departure to the Park around 5:00am to try to observe the local representatives of the fauna ( monkeys, deer, anteaters, various birds and even jaguars sometimes! ), which during this cooler early hours are very active hunting and feeding or returning to their day shelters. Around 8:00am we will have breakfast under the shade of the caatinga trees – the flora that dominates the region. Following this we will take a hike through the Perna-Barriguda circuit, a beautiful countryside were we will have the opportunity to observe 13 archeological sites! By the end of the trail the vehicle will be waiting for us at a place called Zabelê, where we will have a picnic. Return to São Raimundo Nonato to visit the Museu do Homem Americano. The result of 30 years of research in paleontology, archaeology, and other natural and social sciences, are exposed in this impressive museum. Return to the hotel for dinner and overnight.


Day 5 – Serra da Capivara (B, L,D)

Breakfast. Visit the Toca de Cima dos Pilões, a cave where a number of fossils have been found. These are giant mammals that lived in the region until 15.000 years ago, which includes saber-tooth tigers, mastodons, giant ground sloths, and giant ant-eaters, etc.) Shortly after we will hike through the Baixão das Mulheres, visiting three archeological sites with rock paintings. Moving along we will go to the Visitors Center of Pedra Furada where we will watch a video presentation on the work done by the Museu do Homem Americano Foundation. Around 2:30pm we will visit the Ceramic Workshops where beautiful utilitarian pieces are produced and decorated with representations of rock art. At 4:30pm we will walk through the Sítio do Meio, an area where important archeological sites have been discovered. As an alternative we may visit Alto da Pedra Furada following a short but steep trail to the top of the cliff, where a beautiful view unveils itself. Around 6:00 p.m. we will visit Boqueirão da Pedra Furada, considered the oldest archeological site in the Americas, at this time this immense natural theater has its forms enhanced by the artificial lights. Return to the Hotel for dinner and overnight.


Day 6 – Serra da Capivara / Teresina (B)

After breakfast we will depart to Teresina to take your flight to the next destinations.