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Madidi National Park – 4 Days – Bolivia


Madidi  is a national park in the upper Amazon river basin in Bolivia. Established in 1995, it has an area of 18,958 square kilometres,  cross the border in Peru the Manu Biosphere Reserve, Madidi is part of one of the largest protected areas in the world.  Ranging from the glacier-covered peaks of the high Andes Mountains to the tropical rainforests of the Tuichi River, Madidi and its neighbors are recognized as one of the planet’s most biologically diverse regions.


Suggested itinerary:


INCLUDES:  2 breakasts, 2 lunches 2 dinners (does not include air from La Paz)



Day 1: Rurrenabaque



Flight to Rurrenabaque (airfare not included), a picturesque village at the entrance to Bolivia’s tropical forests and northern planes. Transport from the airport to the hotel in Rurrenabaque. Overnight stay in local hotel.



Day 2: Madidi Natiaonl Park – Tuichi River Harbor



Boat trip into Madidi National Park, which many experts say is one of the reserves with the greatest biodiversity on the planet. It covers more than million eight hundred hectares and is home to more than 4000 species of flora, 800 species of birds (it has the largest number of bird species of any protected area in the world), close to 150 species of mammals and more than 190 of fish, among others. The park is even thought to contain many undiscovered species.

The trip starts with a walk from the landing on the River Tuichi to the welcoming Albergue Chalalán Lodge. Accommodation and lunch.. Afternoon free to relax and make contact with nature. If you wish you can swim or take a canoe on the quiet and placid Lake Chalalán. There will then be a talk on Madidi National Park and the community of San Jose de Uchupiamonas. This park contains a number of archaeologically important sites from the Inca period and Mollo culture, as well as pre-Hispanic roads. The area is also known for its extensive cultural diversity and is the traditional territory of many ethnic groups. After dinner, a walk along the Chichilo and Mirador trails to see frogs, birds, nocturnal animals and insects. You will spend the night at Albergue Chalalán.



Day 3: Madidi Natioanl Park of Lake Chlalan



The morning starts with a good breakfast of fresh local fruit to provide energy for a walk along the Silbador, Mutua and Anta trails. The trails bring you close to local flora and fauna, and you can see fruit and medicinal and exotic plants. Lunch will be ready on your return, made from traditional ingredients, to introduce you to the gastronomy of the area. Afternoon free to relax and make contact with nature. If you wish you can swim or take a canoe on the quiet and placid Lake Chalalán; or play board games and check out the library. After dinner, a walk along the Wichi and Jaguar trails to see medicinal plants, birds and palm trees. Overnight at Albergue Chalalán.



Day 4: Tuichi River Harbor – Rurrenabaque



Walk to the port of Tuichi. Boat trip back to Rurrenabaque.