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Awa Puerto Varas Hotel – 3 Days – Patagonia

Hotel AWA is an independent family project focused on offering excellent lodging, dining, and spa services.

Located in the place closest to Patagonia, where the pristine National Park Route begins and a territory where ancient cultures have converged. Located on the banks of Lake Llanquihue, just 20 minutes by car from downtown Puerto Varas.

Every guest’s stay is made to measure, even before their arrival. The All-Included program includes a private guide, who helps create the most memorable experiences. We focus on delivering personalized service with great attention to detail.

Include:  Accommodation in selected room  Every meal and drink during the stay, excluding premium wines and liquors.  Private transfer in/out from Puerto Montt Airport or Petrohue.   One private excursion per day: All of our excursions, both own and third parties are operated in private service, excluding Rafting. Every reservation or group has an exclusive guide for all the length of the stay. With his assistance, guests will choose the activities they want to do within their stay.


Suggested Tours:






The Petrohué River is the outlet of the Todos los Santos Lake, running through the southern rainforest all the way to the Reloncaví Fjord, surrounded by snow tipped volcanoes like Osorno, Calbuco and the impressive Puntiagudo. We first practice our rowing techniques before taking on our first rapid “Ciao Seco”. From there we go through a 10km trip, with rapids class III and IV like “Ese”, “Los Pollos”, “Queso Suizo” and “El Nadador”, among others. After 2 hours we reach the final point, where the dressing rooms are located.

Duration: 5 hours, Half-day  Difficulty: Medium Level: Class III (intermediate) Requirement: No prior rafting experience necessary, participants must know how to swim . Include: – State of the art equipment (wetsuits, spray jackets, life jackets, booties, helmets, paddles, and Self-bailing rafts) – Lunch box – Guide (English – Spanish) – Private Transport






This excursion begins at the base in Ensenada, where the guides will provide equipment and instructions for the river along with a safety talk. We head toward Ralún, where we begin paddling from the mouth of the Petrohué River, heading toward Cochamó. This activity takes place in seawater, although in an area protected from large waves and tidal swells, accompanied by a mountain setting, making this an expe – rience that is both safe and stunning. We stop at Señora Yolanda’s for lunch and then continue by kayak to Cochamó, where the excursion concludes

Duration: 8 hours, full day.  Difficulty: Medium. Requirements: No prior experience is necessary  Include: – Communications – Lunch box – Expert Guide (English – Spanish) – Personal Support – Fully equipped double and single kayaks – Spray Skirts – Paddles and Accessories – Private Transport






The El Solitario Trail traverses the southwestern face of the Osorno Volcano through a secondary forest of trees such as coigüe (Nothofagus dombeyi), which are endemic to southern Chile. The route is covered with ash from the Calbuco Volcano, and at one point along the trail, the forest crosses the dry bed of an old river that was one of the primary lava flows in the last eruption of the Osorno Volcano in 1834. When the trail ends, we will visit Saltos del Petrohué River, rapids formed after one of the volcano’s eruptions.

Duration: 5,5 hours, Half-day.  Difficulty: Medium. Requirement: to know how to swim Include: – Box lunch. – Expert bilingual Guide (English – Spanish)






This hike begins in the northern sector of the park, at one of Chile’s first mountain refuges (built in 1933) and the volcano’s first ski center. It begins with a 40-minute ascent to the valley between the volcano and Cerro La Picada, where we will enjoy an incredible panoramic view of the basin and the volcanoes adjacent to Lake Todos los Santos. The trail descends to the lake and ends in the Petrohué sector. This hike provides views of the Osorno Volcano’s peak and glaciers and is ideal for those who enjoy hiking and photography.

Duration: 6-8 hours, Full day.  Difficulty: Medium. Include: – Box lunch. – Expert bilingual Guide (English – Spanish)






This excursion begins with a boat ride on Lake Todos Los Santos (1 hr). We will walk along a trail surrounded by Valdivian forest, heading south to the Cayutué Lagoon. We will stop for lunch with the Puntiagudo Volcano in the background. The first part of the trail is a section of the route used by the Jesuit missionaries. It then turns eastward and returns through the Vuriloche Pass, where there are vestiges of Monteverde, believed to be the oldest route in the Americas.

Duration: 5-7 hours, Full day.  Difficulty: High  Include: – Hiking poles – Raincoat – Box lunch, snack and drinks






The excursion begins at the Osorno Volcano ski center, walking toward the scenic overlooks of the Llanquihue Volcano and Lake. We will con – tinue toward Puerto Octay, passing through scenery surrounded by fields. After a visiting the city of Puerto Octay, we continue around the border of the lake and have lunch at a typical restaurant that uses local ingredients and recipes, and then head to Frutillar to see the city and its attractions. We continue following the lake route, passing through Punta Larga and Totoral to the city of Llanquihue, where the Maullín River begins. Finally, we visit the city of Puerto Varas, the tourism ca – pital of southern Chile.

Duration: 8-10 hours, Full day.  Difficulty: Low. Requirements: No prior Experience in necessary Include: – Hiking poles – Raincoat – Box lunch or lunch, snack and drinks






Traveling along the first part of the Austral Highway, we reach the entrance to the Alerce Andino National Park, founded to protect the alerce (Patagonian cypress, Fitzroya cupressoides) forest. These noble trees were once on the brink of extinction due to the high quality of their wood, which was used for building homes and ships. The hike begins on an old logging trail with a gradual ascent to see 3,500-yearold alerce trees. After lunch we conclude the tour at the Chaiquenes Lagoon. The park has a rather unique ecosystem that serves as a habitat for species such as the world’s smallest deer, the pudu, the guiña (Chilean cat), and the tiny marsupial called the monito del monte.

Duration: 7-9 hours, Full day.  Difficulty: Medium. Requirements: No prior Experience in necessary Include: – Trekking poles – Raincoat – Box lunch or lunch, snack and drinks






The day begins with a visit to the Lahuén Ñadi Natural Monument that consists of 200 hectares of pristine alerce (Patagonian cypress) forest just 15 kilometers from the city of Puerto Montt. We begin the tour with a trail apt for people with disabilities and enter the forest to see a 1,600-year-old tree. We continue on to Calbuco, where we sail for 15 minutes to Chaullín Island for lunch before exploring the island, which is a living display of the zone’s history, its customs, and a century-old arrayan (Chilean myrtle) forest.

Duration: 7-9 hours, Full day.  Difficulty: Low. Requirements: No prior Experience in necessary Include: – Raincoat – Box lunch or typical lunch, snack and drinks





Traveling north-west from the hotel, we head toward Frutillar and then turn toward the coast. When we reach Tegualda, we take a logging road along the Sarao Mountains, cross through the interminable larch trees and continue on to the Pacific Ocean. In San Pedro, we board a boat to see colonies of penguins, sea lions, and cormorants as well as other sea birds we spot along the way. We head north along pristine beaches, accompanied accompanied by dolphins that surf the waves beside us on our way to the community of Manqumapu for lunch. In the afternoon we will hike a coastal trail that leads to a cli f where seabirds nest. This excursion gives us a di ferent view of Patagonia and the indigenous Huilliche culture.

Duration: 10-12 hours, Full day.  Difficulty: Medium Requirements: No prior Experience in necessary Include: – Raincoat – Box lunch or home-cooked lunch, snack and drinks






The day begins with a view of the Senda Nativa Romahué animal rescue and flora and fauna center, where we will see animals endemic to the area, such as pudus (small deer), parrots, and pumas, and we will walk through a humid temperate forest that conserves the zone’s characteristic species. Next we will visit the animal rescue center to learn about the heritage of the local fauna and the impact of humans on their habitat. After lunch, we visit the Antonio Felmer Museum, where the owner’s story brings to life the experience of the colonization period in this zone.

Duration: 7-9hours, Full day.  Difficulty: Low  Requirements: No prior Experience in necessary Include: – Water boots – Raincoat – Snack and drinks






We start our scenic flight at the El Tepual Airport, heading southeast to fly over the city of Puerto Montt, toward the Las Arenas Cove, the port on the western side of the Reloncaví Estuary. We enter through the estuary, passing by the sea lion colonies, alerce (Patagonian cypress: Fitzroya cupressoides) forests, and surrounded by the mountains that line the estuary. When the estuary ends, we continue along Ralún and the banks of the Petrohué River until we come to Lake Llanquihue and then continue along its southern bank toward the city of Puerto Varas. After flying over the city, we continue following the course of the Mau – llín River, and then end the flight at the Tepual Airport.

Duration: 3,5 hours, Half-day.  Difficulty: Low . Include: – Snack and drinks.






The flight begins toward the southeast to the Relconvaí Estuary. We fly over the Puelo Valley to the lower lake, and then return along the Frío River Valley and land for lunch. We take o f again and pass over the Cochamó Valley, flying over the interminable alerce (Patagonian cypress, Fitzroya cupressoides) forests and granite walls. We continue along Lake Cayutué and then head east toward the Tronador Volcano, flying over its peak to see the creeks with sediments that give Lake To – dos los Santos its stunning emerald-green color. We return along the lake and fly over the Osorno Volcano and end on the southern shore of Lake Llanquihue and land in Tepual.

Duration: 6-8 hours, Full day.  Difficulty: Medium. Include: – Hiking poles – Box lunch or lunch, snack and drinks






Fly fishing in different rivers in the area. The Petrohué River is closest to the hotel and is ideal for trout and salmon (Chinook in March and April) fishing. We ride the river in a cataraft or fishing boat for 2 plus the guide. River fishing consists of 2 halfday sessions with a break to enjoy a box lunch on the riverbank in a wonderful setting of mountains and forests—an ideal panorama, not only for fishing enthusiasts, but also for anyone who enjoys nature.

Duration: 7-8 hours, Full day.  Difficulty: Low  Places: Petrhoué / Maullin / Puelo / Rahue Rivers Include: – Fishing license – Rod – Reel – Line – Flies – Country lunch, drinks and snack






The journey begins in Ralún, at the mouth of the Petrohué River in the Reloncaví Estuary. Using a cataraft or fishing boat, we will fish for salmon, rock cod, and other rock fish, taking a break for lunch in the boat or on a beach along the estuary. Because this is ocean fishing, the activity can take place any time of the year, weather and tidal conditions permitting. We return to the hotel at the end of the day.

Duration: 8-10 hours, Full day  Difficulty: Low. Place: Reloncavi Estuary Include: – Fishing license – Rod – Reel – Line – Flies – Country lunch, drinks and snack






We begin with a 20-minute drive toward Puerto Varas to the stables at Condominio Las Tranqueras. We are greeted by Gustavo, who will give us safety instructions and provide us with the necessary safety equipment. We will ride through a forest with native flora and fauna, smells such as the tepa tree (Laureliopsis philippiana) and sounds such as woodpeckers knocking on trees in search of food. Another option is to ride through the forest in a horse-drawn cart, which is particularly appropriate for children and people with mobility problems.

Duration: 4 hours, Half-day  Difficulty: Low. Include: – Helmet – Gaiters – Rain poncho – Drinks and snack