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Northern Peru: Trujillo / Chiclayo / Chachapoya
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Northern Peru: Trujillo / Chiclayo / Chachapoya

The northern reaches of Peru is a remarkable place for history and nature lovers. The town of Chachapoyas, surrounded by a cloud forest at the foot of the Andes, is a photographer’s dream! Nearby 2,530-foot Gocta Waterfall is simply stunning, and is frequented by toucans, monkeys, and other endemic wildlife. On the northern coast, the town if Chiclayo is recognized for its historic involvement in the fight for independence from Spain. You’ll want to visit the Tucume pyramids dating back to the 1100’s; another of Peru’s incredible and well-preserved cultural sites. Trujillo, the coastal town to the south, is frozen in time. Its bright canary yellow and sky-blue buildings make for wonderful walking adventures. You’re sure to see the elegant and traditional coastal dance of Peru, called the marinera, during your time in this special place!

Trujillo / Chiclayo / Chachapoya

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