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Amazon (Ecuador)
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Ecuador contains only two percent of the Amazon Rainforest, but it is a popular draw for travelers hoping to catch a glimpse of this amazing ecosystem in conjunction with the rest of their stay. Dive into the jungle in Yasuni National Park, a nearly 4,000-square-mile preserve where 596 species of birds, 200 species of mammals, 100,000-plus species of insects, and many more call home, including the pygmy marmoset—the smallest monkey in the world! To the north you’ll find Cuyabeno Wildlife Reserve, a 2,300-square-mile wetland forest dotted with caimans, pink dolphins, and anacondas. Jaguars and pumas are rare but can be spotted here, too! With so much wildlife to be found, Ecuador’s access to the Amazon is anything but limited.

Amazon Jungle (Ecuador)

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